Feeling Stressed and Anxious

Relationships do bring their own unique stress and the current restrictions can generate stress and anxiety of themselves which can also express itself in our relationships. If this stress is left unchecked, it disrupts the natural balance of a relationship. All stress effects our interactions with others and can isolate us from our partners. A little anxiety is a natural response to some events in life. Continually being on edge, difficulty in concentration or in sleeping is not natural. The opportunity to express these feelings and be supported is the way to alleviate their build up.

Living with Frustration and Anger

Frustration in a relationship can come about through lack of communication together. Not having your views or opinions heard or appreciated is a frustrating place to be. Each person’s views and opinions matter in a relationship. If the frustration builds up, anger can be an expression of this frustration. If frustration is not acknowledged it is often those that we are closest to that experience our anger. The restrictions of living with Covid are challenging and frustrating to us all on various levels and our anger and frustration can often be misdirected.

No Communication or Time Together

Busy lives and families can take their toll on a relationship. It can seem that there is no time for how we “used to be” together. The fundamentals of a relationship can get lost or forgotten. With more time spent together as a family in the home environment currently, there can seem even less time to communicate with our partner. It doesn’t have to be this way. Recognising and acknowledging this fundamental need is the first step towards making a change.

No Fun in Our Relationship

Life does offer fun and in numerous ways. With the current restrictions in place, we have to work hard at generating or re-establishing fun. The fun that people have in a relationship is personal to what they have together. Without fun, a relationship can be very dull. The times spent together can become very mundane and functional. We can seem to be “acting out” our social activities together. There was fun together once, where did it go?

Not Feeling Respected or Loved

Being respected supports our feeling of self-worth. It confirms to us that our views and opinions are important to others. Lockdown stages demand more of us as we all have to work hard on our mental wellbeing. Sometimes we can seem to be carrying all of these demands alone. Feeling unloved is a lonely place and a loveless relationship is a hard struggle for both persons. We need to be respected and loved to feel valued in a relationship.

Not Being Heard or Understood

Being listened to means being heard. Being heard is a basic human need. Our values, our feelings and our beliefs are an intrinsic part of us. We are all trying to keep afloat with current restrictions, anticipating change for the better. The ability to express this challenge within our relationship is important. Whether these concerns and beliefs are seen to be right or not we deserve to be listened to. It is only through being heard that true communication can take place and others can understand how we really feel.