Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost for couples counselling?

Prices for Couples Therapy vary. My fee is set at a moderate rate of €80 per session and sessions are for 50 minutes. Whilst weekly sessions are good initially, often fortnightly sessions can work better allowing time between the sessions. This can also help if cost is an issue.


What happens in Couples Counselling?

In Couples Counselling the relationship is the focus of the therapy. It allows for each party to address and express their difficulties within the relationship in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment. It also offers ways of seeing these issues with a view to improvement in the relationship.


When should you go to Couples Counselling?

Both parties need to want to engage in Couples Counselling for the Therapy to work.  If both persons are struggling within the relationship with no potential of change, Couples Counselling can help to address the issues in a supportive and therapeutic way.


Is Marriage Counselling useful before committing to Marriage?

Marriage counselling is a very good way of understanding each other’s expectations of the marriage. It can address such issues as individual needs within the marriage, commitment, children and families, external families, intimacy and finances.


Does Marriage Counselling really work?

If both parties want to bring about change in their relationship Marriage Counselling can help. Without change the relationship can become stuck and each party can withdraw from the relationship.



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