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relationship counselling dublin

I attended Brian for 10 sessions. I was at a place in my life where I needed to talk to someone who could give me non-judgemental advise and coach me on how to deal with issues that I was faced with. Before I rang to make the first appointment I read through the reviews because I wanted to speak to somebody that was good and not waste my time. All the reviews were spot on. Brian was exactly the person everyone had said he was. Very welcoming, kind, listened, took on board everything I had to say and gave me the best advice but not only that he opened my eyes to a lot of things. I’ll be forever great full to Brian as his help really changed my life around. I would highly recommend him.

KN, Ireland

Creates an non-judgemental environment

Brian is an excellent counsellor who I would whole heartily recommend to anyone that’s needs help going through any difficult period in their life. He creates a non-judgemental environment conducive to listening and understanding.

Alan Ireland

Made a massive difference

I would say I certainly had my reservations in regards to attending at first. I was the type of person to say ‘sure what would he do??’ As soon as I attended the first session, Brian made it very comfortable and created an environment that was relaxing and gave me the opportunity to talk about my thoughts, which I had never done before as never really felt need to.
Made a massive difference to us as a couple and could not endorse Brian enough. Nice man to talk to but an even better listener !! Also very neutral when it came to topics which frustrated us as a couple.

Jonathan Ireland

Very fair and understanding

I was very pleased with the service I received in the clinic. It was a very professional service. The price was what was quoted. The therapist was very fair and understanding.

Jennifer Ireland

Brian helped me to work through my problems

I first went to see Brian at a very difficult time in my life. Brian was very easy to talk to and helped me over the course of several months to deal with the issues I was facing. Brian helped me to work through my problems and gave me a lot of insight into why and how things were affecting me and how I could change that. I am now a much happier and confident person who can face problems armed with new skills and knowledge that I gained through my sessions with Brian. Brian was a great help to me when I needed it most – anyone who finds themselves at a difficult time of life needing guidance and help to work through problems should consider counselling as an option. I could not recommend Brian highly enough.
Anonymous Dublin

Would recommend

Would recommend.
Soirse Ireland

Difficulties in my relationship

I was having difficulties in my relationship and decided to give up drinking, which was one of the main problems and which I had been doing most my adult life..
With Brian’s guidance I discovered that I had dealt with all my previous problems by suppressing them with alcohol. These included an ability to trust anyone. Brian brought me back through these experiences in a gentle, non-judgemental but sometimes very challenging way. He showed me how my behaviour and lack of trust made my partner’s life almost unbearable. It was a very difficult journey for me but I found him to be very insightful and caring but most of all a great listener. With Brian’s help I am still off the drink, have gained confidence in myself and am now becoming good friends with my ex partner.

Philip Ireland

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