Marriage Counselling in Dublin

Do you find yourself in a relationship where you do not feel like your love is being reciprocated? Are you wanting to try marriage counselling in Dublin? The answer lies in Brian – he offers assurance through the sessions that are held at Counselling for Couples. Why not give him a call now and start your journey to work through your relationship?

It can be expected, in many relationships, that things are not always plain sailing. Here at Counselling for Couples, Brian has dedicated himself, for many years, to the support of relationships and marriages. Whether there is a mutual feeling that the fun has disappeared between the two of you, or one person feels like their voice is being drowned out – you can be sure that Brian will allow you to be heard in a place devoid of judgement. If you would like to read through just some of the examples that can contribute towards a breakdown in a relationship, you are invited to take a look at this page on his website services page

Brian recognises that you may be skeptical about the ability to provide the type of assistance that you believe you need – if you take a look at Counselling for Couples’ reviews page, you can browse through some testimonials from those who have been affected by Brian’s services.

When it comes to seeking the advice of a first-class advisor in the art of marriage counselling in Dublin, none will surpass the wisdom of Brian. When forming Counselling for Couples, he did so out of a desire to help those who, like many others, have hit a bump in the road of their relationship, or need to get clarity on some issues. His advocacy of establishing solid lines of communication is guidance that not only is applicable for those who are struggling in a relationship – it is also how he operates his services. 


Interested ?  then you should get in touch with Brian and set-up an initial appointment, there are various ways in which you can do so. If you are comfortable discussing personal matters in a more informal environment, you can simply give him a call on +353 (0) 86 3751327. On the other hand, you can send across an e-mail directly to, or complete and submit the enquiry form situated on the website’s contact page