Couples Therapy in Dublin

Have you been facing issues in your relationship, but are unsure of how to move on from them? Do you wish to attend couples therapy in Dublin? Counselling for Couples has the man that you need to speak to – Brian, with years of experience under his belt, can offer you the facility to focus on your needs within your relationship. You can set up an initial appointment using any of the contact details listed below.

When you come to Counselling for Couples, Brian offers a safe and supportive space for those who wish to work through their issues. Whether you feel that your partner is not setting enough time aside for you, or there is a past event which has caused a build-up of anger and resentment, one thing is certain, Brian will do all that he can to give you both the opportunity to speak of your needs, in a nonjudgmental space. You may be contemplating whether your relationship would benefit from outside advice – why not take a look at this list of reasons, and see if any match a problem that you are currently facing? 


You may be harboring doubts regarding the benefits that you and your partner would see from attending couples therapy in Dublin. To this, Brian suggests for you to take a look at any one of the testimonials that have been left on Counselling for Couples’ reviews page. Here, you can see countless examples of how Brian has had a significant impact on the lives of those that had lost their way, plus we cover a lot of the frequently asked questions.

Alongside Brian’s commitment to giving couples the opportunity to reaffirm their dedication to one another, he also strives to ensure that his support is second-to-none. He established Counselling for Couples with the mission of not only encouraging transparency between clients, but also adopting transparency between clients and himself. If you would like to take the first step towards repairing your relationship, and wish to undergo couples therapy in Dublin, you can get in touch with Brian via a number of channels. 


You can submit the contact form on the website; alternatively, you can send an e-mail directly to Brian at You can also speak to Brian over the phone and explain your situation – the number to reach him on is +353 (0) 86 3751327.