Counselling for Couples Therapy Dublin

Are you in need of a Therapist that specialises in counselling for couples therapy in Dublin? Then you need to contact us here at Counselling for Couples today. As one of the leading clinics in Ireland we have first class sessions run by our lead counsellor Brian Griffin, who has over 20 years worth of experience within the industry. With his skill and expertise, Counselling for Couples has been able to gain a glowing reputation from previous clients that Brian has been able to help throughout the years. Feel free to look at our reviews page from clients who have needed help in their relationships.


Counselling for Couples therapy in Dublin is increasing year by year for those who have sought out assistance in regaining trust back into their relationships. Trust plays a major part in relationships and without it, it can’t survive. Stress, anxiety, lack of communication, jealousy, commitment issues can also be contributing factors into a failing relationship along with so many other problems. This is why you need a reliable Therapist who you can trust to speak about what you are struggling with in a safe non judgmental environment.


You should use the best counselling for couples therapy in Dublin to help discuss your issues and work through your problems to put your mind at ease. We provide a safe, judgement free environment where you can be completely honest and open with a strict private and confidential agreement to make sure that each client feels comfortable in sharing their issues with us. Brian has been able to work with individuals, couples and groups in order to provide the best counselling sessions that has helped benefit all types of relationships. 


If you are needing to regain trust within your relationship, then we are the ones you need. Within our sessions, we can take notes to help examine the progress being made so we can review the process and tailor future plans in order to get the best results possible. 


So if you are needing counselling for couples therapy in Dublin, call Brian today on 086 375 1327 and he can book you in for a session at a time that best suits you. For any enquiries you can email Brian at and he can answer any questions that you may have You can also use our contact page to get in touch for a prompt reply.