Best Couples Counselling in Ireland

Are you in a relationship that you are finding harder and harder to sustain? Are you in need of some couples counselling in Ireland? Brian may be able to help you. His Counselling for Couples services were set up to assist those who may not understand how to progress further into their relationship. His phone and inbox are always open, and his details are below – please don’t hesitate in contacting him if you are seeking professional help.

There are numerous factors that may be contributing to the struggles that you are facing; a deterioration in communication; a lack of time put aside for more fun activities; having personal hurdles that you feel you are not able to share. Here at Counselling for Couples, Brian recognises that it may be all of these things, or none of them, that are causing you to have problems – however, what he does is facilitate a space for you and your partner to challenge your issues, and have the opportunity to share in a place where you will face no judgement. If you would like to find out a little more about some of the services that Brian provides, feel free to take a look at the services page on the website.

Brian fully understands how difficult it can be to open up about personal struggles, no-less to someone that you do not know. However, having been active for many years offering the best couples counselling in Ireland, Brian has had the privilege of helping a great many people work through their trials and tribulations. Therefore, if you would like reassurance about his ability to help you through a hard time, you are strongly recommended to take a look at the reviews page.

If you are looking for a way in which to ease the suffering that one, or both of you, may be feeling in your relationship, Brian is here to help in any way that he can – Counselling for Couples was started as a way in which to help those struggling to be heard, and to work through their difficulties together. He wants to make things as easy as possible for you in terms of acquiring his services; if you would like an informal chat with him about an initial first step, you can call on +353 (0)86 3751327. If you would prefer to put your words into writing, that is not a problem either – you can simply send him an e-mail at, or use the convenient enquiry form on the contact page of his website.